It was the summer of 2016.  My family was on our inaugural RV trip, and I was laying on a cot looking at my phone and hoping to soon go to sleep.  I read heartbreaking words about my sweet new friend, Katherine.  She had been diagnosed with cancer, and they thought she had about 6 months to 1 year to live.  Reading those words about someone you love takes your breath away.

How could this be?  Katherine was younger than me?  She and her husband opened their hearts wide to their four beautiful daughters, and were right in the thick of the super busy “family years”.

2011 – Picture of Katherine on Facebook a few years before I met her. I would see photos of their family because I was friend’s with her husband, Scott.  We went to college together.  Only having two sons myself, I couldn’t imagine how busy their home must be!

In 2013, the Broadway family moved to middle Tennessee.  I asked Scott how Katherine was adjusting to the move and he suggested I reach out to her.  He said the move had been hard.  Katherine and I soon met for coffee and there was instant friend chemistry (I now believe almost everyone Katherine met felt a connection with her – she was just that kind of person!).  Moving forward Katherine and I would chat at church and occasionally meet for lunch or coffee.

While Katherine was dealing with the sobering news of her new cancer diagnosis, I was in the thick of the beginning stages of starting a brand new business, My Life in 10 Minutes.  I almost lost my life 8 years prior and it left me with a huge passion to create an app that’s sole purpose would be to capture and preserve intentional video stories.

I was really convicted to share my business idea with Katherine, but I was scared.  I wanted to be so respectful and sensitive to her painful situation.  Yes, one of my greatest driving forces was for this video app to be used for people in her situation…but this was not just a random “customer”, this was my dear friend.

I invited her to my house early in 2017.  A lot of things were unfolding on her health journey, and there were a lot of unknowns still.  I briefly presented my business idea nervously, and she immediately said, “I’m in!  I love this idea and I will help you however I can.”

And that “yes” was the first of many “yeses” to come from Katherine.  She has truly been the biggest champion and cheerleader for My Life in 10 Minutes.

Katherine knew I loved jump pictures and SHE SUGGESTED I take these! She was undergoing chemo at the time and was experiencing pain, but this is the kind of person she was!

Katherine’s 6 months to 1 year diagnosis turned out to be 4 years.  In that time she fought valiantly and impacted SO MANY LIVES!

Here’s just a list of the things she did for My Life in 10 Minutes:

  • She was the very first person outside of my family that let me experiment with capturing her video story.
  • She joined our Advisory Board.
  • She helped us to make our first homemade commercial.
  • She sent us encouraging texts and cards.
  • She attended our launch party.
  • She made another Life Overview video when the app went live.
  • She used the app to capture a video story of her mother-in-law.
  • She used the app to capture important videos she wanted to leave for her daughters.
  • She enjoyed the videos her loved ones compiled for her with the app to watch while she received hospice care.
  • More texts of gratitude and encouragement were sent until just 2 weeks before her heavenly graduation.

I MISS KATHERINE SO MUCH!!!  And I am FOREVER THANKFUL for the video stories and memories I have with her.  I will never regret making these with my dear friend, who had such a tremendous impact on so many.

Whenever we met for coffee she would often wear the My Life in 10 Minutes shirt I gave her.

Take a look at these public videos Katherine made to share…

Katherine’s first video
Katherine’s second video –
Katherine experimenting with a homemade commercial for us in 2017 –

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